Let’s face it, you’re gonna need a leader and what better leader for your Zombie Death Squad than someone who’s oozing with confidence, got mad warrior skills, and who’s basically got no quit in him. This crazy dude can just yell “I AM SPARRRTAN !” and any undead geek with half a brain will crap his grimey Fruit of the Looms, lay down, close its eyes and die.



UZ-APOC-TEAM-macgyver-GD.jpg (558×399)

There’s only one man who can take a wire hanger, Scotch tape, a dirty Q-Tip, and a full baby diaper to create a weapon of mass destruction, MACGUYVER ! This man is so badass, his name alone has become a verb. Somehow someway, no matter if you find yourself cornered by a multitudes of the undead, after the smoke clears you and this dude will be walkin’ tall with “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees playing in the background.


UZ-APOC-TEAM-ELVIRA-copy1.jpg (1197×1550)
The Zombie Apocalypse is screaming for style, and no one but Elvira delivers style like she can. Sure she’s clever, witty, voluptuous and a snappy dresser, but she brings so much more to the table. There’s her hotness, her sexiness, and she’s a walking Wikipedia in heels on Horror movies which comes in handy when fighting your way through a world full of zombies.


UZ-APOC-TEAM-Tony-hawk-copy.jpg (1310×1550)

Now how awesome would it be to have Tony Hawk on your Zombie Death Squad ?!! MacGuyver can trick out his board with all sorts cool kill gear like saw blades, spikes, firepower etc. How cool would it be seeing Birdman Airwalk Grab over a bunch of Geeks to safety or grind a rail and at the same time cutting Zombie heads clean off ?! Pretty frickin’ rad, bro !

UZ-APOC-TEAM-TATTOO-GD.jpg (414×276)

Okay, we know what you’re probably thinking. The last thing thing a Zombie Kill Squad needs is a little dude in a white suit that’s got no kill skills. WRONG!! Can’t tell you how important to our squad Tatu would be. Lil man’s got mad scurrying skills that can get him up any tree, hill or tower to scope out a path to safety, a food source or a quick heads up as to where the enemy is by pointing his tiny sausage fingers screaming “The Dead ! The Dead !” This lil dude is 100% legit and is on our team ! WHAT !
There you have it. Let’s see how your Zombie Death Squad lineup compares to ours !