What is Uberzombie?

Reviving the dead to create a formidable yet expendable army using them as a modern day Weapon of Mass Destruction, a desperate and subversive government unleashes Project : UBERZOMBIE upon all who stand in their way towards their own selfish goal of world dominance.  Fueled by rage but yet controlled by an implanted microchip , the UBERZOMBIE annihilates everything in its path carving a swath of doom and condemnation leaving behind death and destruction in its wake at the behest of their Masters.  Unknowingly to all, the UBERZOMBIE army in time are becoming a powerful force within themselves.  Their own basic instinct to overwhelm and destroy anything that stands in their way cannot be controlled anymore as they overcome the mental hold of their masters to wage their own savage war against their creators and the world.  The UBERZOMBIE is intense, constant, and does nothing but move forward in it’s mission to dominate.  The UBERZOMBIE has arrived  and is Relentless!

Rock Hard With a purpose!

The Uberzombie Mark of Excellence

Uberzombie to us signifies that unbridled will to move forward, regardless of what obstacles are in front of you that may come up out of nowhere attempting to break your spirit.  An unstoppable force with only one mission in mind; to persevere, and to overcome.  We truly hope you enjoy our product as much as we have enjoyed creating it for ourselves and for you.

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